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March is brain injury awareness month and we are an organisation that helps these people whom sustained brain injuries due to no fault of themselves and living with it. Before this happened to them they lived independent lives and had a career and they used to fit into society. We need to create awareness ti educate everyday people understand how to handle us and not be scared of us when they come across us.

As you know we have to really tighten our belts this year as money is tight. One of our fundraising initiatives is the “Clothes 2 Good” Campaign. You might have seen something about them recently on KykNet.

We are collecting old clothes and shoes which the organization then buys from us at R 5 per kg. The clothes are cleaned and resold. There is a long chain of beneficiaries of the process in terms of job creation.

“Clothes 2 Good” have a great school program and we need to get as many schools and nursery schools involved as we can. If you have any connection to a school that we can approach PLEASE let us know. PLEASE contact Headway Tshwane or if you would like to help with old clothes and shoes as part of your #RAK16

PLEASE CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS GUYS!!! We are not asking for monetary donations but we are willing to do the work if you would be so kind as to donate your old clothing and shoes.


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