#RAK Initiative

We all want to do good but sometimes we might need a little push.

We all have the power to Change Everything by simply Changing One Thing. A small act of kindness can change your own daily reality, which is as simple as paying for someone’s coffee, or parting with a pair of old shoes you never wear.

 #RAK Encourages us to stick together as a nation and to share kindness with as many people as possible.

Welcome on board to #RAK

Share the Kindness, Spread the Love.


About #RAK

Building on the foundation of a viral, spontaneous act of positivity, Brent Lindeque, a young South African man turned the reckless drinking game #neknominaitons on it’s head, by using his nomination to instead, perform a random act of kindness. By giving a homeless man a $2 meal, and using the power of social media to “pay-it-forward” his nomination went viral and to date has been viewed over 780,000 times.

More importantly it spawned thousands of similar videos, reaching and physically improving millions of lives and in addition created 3 dedicated feeding schemes in Canada, the USA and Ireland that are still running today.

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People Positively Reached

#RAK – Join the Conversation

One of my favourite parts of Friday is getting to hang out with @MandyWiener and the #MiddayReport team on @Radio702. It’s just such a lekker vibe. ❤️🇿🇦

Kruger National Park 5th on “Best Outdoor Destinations in the World” List https://www.goodthingsguy.com/travel/kruger-national-park-5th-on-best-outdoor-destinations-in-the-world-list/ via @GoodThingsGuy

From job-seekers to game changers! Story number two in our celebration of #TenYearsOfGoodWork this August is about two of our digital facilitators, Mpho Lebyane and Teaman Manzini. Check it out on @GoodThingsGuy 👌

#GoodWorkFoundation #ReimagineEducation #InternationalYouthDay https://twitter.com/GoodThingsGuy/status/1557952744098504709

Good Things Guy@GoodThingsGuy

Good Work Foundation - Changing Lives For The Better! - https://www.goodthingsguy.com/business/good-work-foundation-changing-lives-for-the-better/

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Download pre-designed RAKnomination cards from our pack and use them to pay-it-forward, one random act of kindness at a time.